ExtendScript Toolkit

ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) is an application used to edit and debug scripts targeting various applications in the Adobe Creative Suite.

While itself an application, ESTK is to a large degree implemented in ExtendScript. Extending ExtendScript Toolkit describes how to run or install scripts within the internal engine.

The ScriptRunner script invokes an OSX shell command without Terminal window.

The MakeFavorites script restores favorite folders whenever ESTK suffers from amnesia.

The ShowInFinder script adds a menu item to the Scripts panel's flyout menu.

The Find-Replace Panel History script adds history dropdowns to the Find&Replace panel.

The Find-Replace More Menus script adds Find&Replace related menu actions.

The Find-Replace Panel Tweaks script adjusts font and field sizes in the Find and Replace panel.

The TweakESTK script is an older version of above separate scripts, it adjusts font sizes in the JavaScript console panel and in the Find and Replace panel.